Inspiring Ideas For Decorating Your Conservatory

If you are lucky enough to have a conservatory attached to your home, it is worth doing everything that you can to make the space as beautiful and inviting as possible. After all, Simply the Best Conservatories and Sunrooms said these rooms can be an amazing addition to your home, helping to bring natural light into the space and giving you easy access to the outdoors. Try using some of these inspiring ideas for decorating your conservatory to create a space that you absolutely love:

1. Use string lights to make the room twinkle at night. Traditionally, conservatories are best enjoyed during the daytime. However, you can make your room even more magical at night by stringing up white Image result for adding plants in your sunroomlights. Putting the lights overhead can help create the feeling of twinkling stars, creating a beautiful setting where you can enjoy warm summer evenings.

2. Choose light-colored furniture and accessories. Don’t weigh the space down with dark furniture. Instead, take advantage of all of the natural light that is coming into the space by choosing furniture in light, neutral shades such as white, tan, or pale gray. If you want to add contrast to the room, you can always bring in darker accessories. However, the overall color scheme should be relatively light and airy.

3. Fill the space with plants. Alltough a termite control Redwood City based whom I always hire said employing too much plant inside your conservatory may invite pests but you can avoid that by making it always neat and well maintained. Nothing makes a conservatory more inviting than a ton of greenery. Being surrounded by beautiful plants can give you the sensation of being out in nature. If you don’t have a green thumb or don’t want to have to spend a lot of time caring for your plants, consider choosing succulents. These plants are not only beautiful but they also require very little care and can thrive in just about any environment.

4. Don’t forget to decorate up high. One of the difficult parts of decorating a conservatory is that there is not a lot of wall space for hanging artwork or other accessories. That doesn’t mean, however, that you can’t take advantage of the vertical space in the room. One of the best ways to add visual interest at eye level or above is by growing a vine in the room. Allowing the vine to naturally curve upward toward the ceiling can help create depth and dimension in the room, keeping it from looking too flat.

Decorating your conservatory can be a lot of fun. Using these ideas, you should be able to design a beautiful room where you really enjoy kicking back and unwinding.

Lawrence  Foster

Chef, restaurant owner and father of twins with a loving wife, dog lover, likes travel and keeping fit, food blogger and used to write about restaurants on the planet.